Optimal Deck Chair Rearranging: The Engineering Work I Did at Convoy

written by Zach Morrissey on 10/20/2023

RIP Convoy. There was some great stuff I got to build there, and I'm going to detail it as a way of eulogizing.

What I Didn't Know When I Didn't Know JavaScript

written by Zach Morrissey on 6/22/2023

Starting as a backend developer, the switch to learning frontend was jarring in many ways. I tried to spend that time documenting the gaps in my knowledge.

Bye Hugo, Hello Astro

written by Zach Morrissey on 1/28/2023

Hugo lost out in terms of developer experience and understandability. Let's see how Astro fares in that regard.

Reverse Engineering Anomalous Stats in ESPN Fantasy Baseball

written by Zach Morrissey on 4/28/2022

Using some minor sleuthing and publicly available information, I investigated why ESPN's calculation used for Runs Created was producing weird outputs.

Optimizing Web Font Usage For Faster Page Loads

written by Zach Morrissey on 4/9/2022

Why and how to migrate off of Google Fonts for a more customizable user experience.

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