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Who Even Writes This Stuff?

I’m a software engineer and a data/statistics lover.


Shameless self-promotion.

Site Architecture

If you like the site, feel free to steal the code for it on Github.


  • hugo - Static site generator.
  • bulma + scss - Flexbox-based CSS framework, with customizations.
  • webpack - Processing scss, minifying files, etc.
  • github actions - For building & deploying to S3.


  • python - Data visualizations, pipelines, etc. The glue between pretty much everything else here.
  • aws - S3 for hosting, EC2 for compute requirements, and more for random ad-hoc works.

Artwork & Photography

Unless otherwise noted, all of the artwork, photos, diagrams, charts and graphics posted here on the sites are created by me, with the sole intent of being displayed here for your enjoyment.

My dog Howie and myself.

Zach Morrissey


Fire me an email if you’d like to connect or have questions about what you’re looking at here. Photo courtesy of Frank Greif as part of his Best Friends series.