Who Even Writes This Stuff?

I’m a software engineer and a data/statistics enthusiast. Fan of dogs. Enjoy tinkering and using my hands. Love wandering out in the woods. I like to create food and drink recipes.

Recruiting? Here’s my resume.


Shameless self-promotion.

Site Architecture

Created with:

  • astro.build - Static site generator.
  • bulma + scss - My preferred flexbox-based CSS framework, with customizations.
  • github actions - For building & deploying to Github Pages.
  • preact + zustand - Lightweight frontend UI tooling.

Artwork & Photography

Unless otherwise noted, all of the artwork, photos, diagrams, charts and graphics posted here on the sites are created by me, with the sole intent of being displayed here for your enjoyment.

Zach Morrissey

Zach Morrissey


Reach out if you’ve got questions or would like to connect.